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Shisui will be coming in (guess who as xD) if that makes any difference...

did someone say Uchihas as Team Free Will? )

So...maybe? I live in hope that if I pretend people are interested it might actually motivate me to finish something >.>;;
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So I saw Daybreakers, aka the most hilariously gratuitously bloody vampire movie since Lost Boys. It was glorious. There were scenes where you just couldn't do anything but giggle in a slightly hysterical manner. That aside, it was surprisingly well done. There was actually a plot, the atmosphere was nice, and all the creative little ways that the vamps had adjusted society to suit them (the tinted car windows, blood in the coffee) were interesting.

Mini movie review aside, here's something to think about. You know you've been reading way too much fanfiction in one fandom when traces of that fandom begin to bleed into everything you try to write. I made the mistake of starting an angel!Itachi oneshot months ago and keep feeling like I'm ripping off the SPN mythology. Not to mention my feeling that if I swap out the names, it reads a little too well as a Dean/Cas fic. Even ItaShi can't escape the taint. *sigh*

I'm blathering. How is everybody? Anything random to share?
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...Heather, can you tell I'm just trolling your journal these days? xD;

Fandom Meme 2011!

read on~ )

In other news, finally saw Season of the Witch. It was interesting. Nathan (Misfits) was in it. I liked it well enough, even though we were correct in guessing that it was an "everybody dies" kind of movie. ^^; Except due to awesome fanvideos and the like, every now and again I couldn't help looking at the witch and thinking "Rubyyyy." xD


Nov. 7th, 2011 06:36 pm
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Within the space of a few days I have discovered:


-An LJ community dedicated solely to 10K+ and 20K+ word Destiel fics (oh, did I mention I went down with this ship months ago? I'm sure you're all shocked.)



Naruto 562

Nov. 2nd, 2011 08:22 pm
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*sigh* And here we go again. How are they managing to make this fight--this fight against friggin' Uchiha Madara--so dull? (Incidentally, I'm looking at my shiny new SPN icons and all I can hear right now is "Although for fans, they sure do complain a lot." We do, don't we? xD)

Question: Exactly how long can people live in this universe?! I knew the Tsuchikage was old (as they continue to remind us thrice per chapter), but to have fought against non-zombie!Madara way back when? And what's this "I've lived a lot longer than you" spiel? You're "much" older than the man we were told was immortal to keep us from crying foul? I'm just praying there isn't a sudden influx of Tsuchikage/Hashirama fic coming our way after that scene...

Gaara is awesome, enough said.

So after some unnecessary sword-elongating conversation, we are given this gem of political strategy. Whatshername in the Raikage's entourage tells Tsunade that the technique she's using to get to Madara will pretty much certainly kill her. This warning is completely blown off. In fact, the Raikage decides to join her in her probable suicide two seconds later.

...Okay. Two out of five leaders of the ninja world make a decision that will likely kill them in the middle of a world war. It's handwaved with the "it's time for the general to step out" comment, but still--doesn't that seem a tiny bit rash to you? Is it really just me? What kills me is that when all is said and done they're both fine. Admittedly Tsunade has to use her regeneration technique, but how'd the Raikage manage when it was just said that he couldn't?

Right. So on the upside, Five Kages vs. zombie!Madara should be a pretty epic fight. Skeptical emphasis on "should" because I've said similar things in the past only to have the situation in question turn out kinda lame. Fingers crossed. And hey, no GMS!Naruto for what, two whole chapters? Maybe he and Madara agreed to take turns playing Cast Showoff.


OH. And a random little thing for the SPN fans on my flist; I thought this was hilarious:
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Well, it's better than complaining about work or doing coursework like I'm supposed to be doing, so there you go.
spoilers thru 5x17 )
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spoilers for season 4 )


Sep. 3rd, 2011 01:37 am
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So I finally made it to season 4 of Supernatural and am consistently impressed with how much torture the writers inflict on these poor boys. I mean, I knew the show was partly famous for that alone, but...yeesh. They are in need of so many hugs.

Anyway, Cas, you finally joined the party. Am I correct in guessing that there is a truckload of extra Ho Yay coming our way now, or does the seemingly endless supply of Dean/Cas fanfiction lie? XD

This entry really doesn't have much resembling a point. Sorry for taking up flist space with it. xD; Oh, and NO SPOILERS PLZ. ♥

Oh! I did take a leaf out of ronsard's book and tried typing 'シスイ' into the search engine; amazing how much more Shisui/ItaShi fanart comes back when you use the Japanese spelling. Go figure. Anyway, there'll be a minor artdump post over on b_n thanks to that. ^^

Have a great weekend~
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And started watching Supernatural. I have one thing to say:

This show is like a drug. Seriously.

So yeah, now all of my flist's various SPN-related posts will make sense to me...once I've caught up, that is. Seeing as I just finished Season 1 after three weeks, looks like I got a long way to go. This is gonna be fun. xD


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