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Why do I still watch you, despite your apparent quest to take all of my favorite characters away from me? (Note that this entry will contain spoilers for the season finale of this series, but I doubt anyone on my flist watches it or will read this, so...)

First off, on the matter of H.G.--MAKE UP YOUR MINDS. Good lord, I adore this character, but all the back-and-forthing as to whether she's actually going to stay on the show is getting old. On that note, I wonder if people will still look at me crazy when I say there is something between Helena and Myka after this episode? They still ooze UST when they're together, every minute. Especially the scene where Helena's convincing them to destroy the Janus coin. "What do you say to the person who knows you better than anybody else?" indeed.

Secondly...Jinxie. I gotta say, I am extremely frustrated with how the writers have handled this poor character. It seems to me like they created him for a (completely ineffective) "scare" at the beginning of the season, to make us think that Myka wouldn't come back (despite the fact that she was in ALL the promotional material before the season even started), and then as soon as she returned he was pushed to the back burners. He was shaping up to be interesting, but they practically seemed to forget about him after the third episode or so! Those psychic powers that made him unique from the rest of the gang? Never explained, never even sort of explained. And no backstory either. We got bits and pieces thrown at us--gay, big sister he couldn't protect--but nothing to make us feel like we actually knew the guy.

Still, I liked him because he had the potential to be a really fun addition to the show. And then what? He gets killed. Offscreen. .......Oh, I'm sorry, was that death supposed to make me tear out my hair and sob? Maybe it would have if he'd gotten any character development at all! As it stands, the death just ticked me off. What a waste. (To be fair, Claudia appeared to have an artifact that could give us zombie!Steve, but see 'Warehouse destroyed' below.)

So the two-parter finale ends and the two most interesting characters on the show (IMHO) are dead. Oh, and the Warehouse is blown to pieces. And Mrs. Frederick turned into the creepiest corpse ever seen on this series. But don't worry--Artie has a pocket watch that is cryptically hinted to be able to fix everything! Could it be some sort of time-travel device? If so, how far back can it go?

Well, I guess this sets up an interesting opener next season. We'll see how things go.

Ramblings aside, how is everybody? Any plans for Halloween? (I was sick as a dog yesterday and spent the whole day writing this 6.6K-word horror story about a vampire romance gone wrong...or something. xD;)
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