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2011-10-25 11:27 am

oh, warehouse 13

cut for spoilers but mostly for stuff nobody wants to read )

Ramblings aside, how is everybody? Any plans for Halloween? (I was sick as a dog yesterday and spent the whole day writing this 6.6K-word horror story about a vampire romance gone wrong...or something. xD;)
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2011-08-14 01:01 am

random ramblings of a tired mind

Warehouse 13. So they brought H.G. back. Not a big surprise, considering. At the end of the last season I insisted I didn't want her brought back, despite being my favorite character on the show; something about cheapening all the events of that last episode, yadda yadda.

But hey--if the producers don't care about all that, then neither do I. xD Okay, so it looks like this'll be a one-episode thing (for now...), but I still loved having Helena back. In all her brilliant, butt-kicking, UST-with-Myka-ing glory. So fun. All you really need is one awesome character to stay interested in a show. With Justifed it was Boyd Crowder, with Sanctuary it was Nikola Tesla, with W13 it's H.G. Wells. I'm noticing a theme here...

On a totally unrelated topic, has anyone on my flist ever seen The Prince of Egypt? I hadn't watched it in the better part of a decade and therefore had totally forgotten how good it was. And by good I mean epic in every sense of the word. Beautiful animation, terrific storyline, amazing music, etc. etc. And the parting of the Red Sea scene is possibly the coolest sequence of animation you will ever see. The movie basically leaves you with a broken heart and at least one song stuck in your head that you won't be able to get out for ages. Seriously. Just hope it's one of the happier ones, lest you walk around feeling vaguely upset for days on end.

In case you were wondering, this is what happens when a keyboard is before me while I am exhausted. Should go sleep. Will probably end up listening to music until 2 in the morning instead. Happy Sunday, y'all.
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2010-09-26 01:54 am

warehouse 13

Spoilers for the end of the season; not that I know if anyone watches the series/reads these posts, so...yeah.

HG, HG...*sigh* I am so disappointed in you. I really liked her character from the beginning, and the whole destroy-the-human-race thing felt completely out of the blue and OOC.
And okay, I admit, I have been enjoying watching the romantic tension between Helena and Myka. Come on. They've been making it so blatant since the start of season two, I was just waiting for a surprise kiss of the Kara and Dahlia (Legend of the Seeker) variety. But no, it looks like they're just going to go the obvious way of having Myka and Pete end up together. Now that Kelly's conveniently out of the picture. Endlessly disappointing.

And ooh, was that ending supposed to be shattering or something? Give me a break. Does anybody really buy that Myka isn't going to come back?

Despite probably sounding like I hated it, I actually enjoyed the majority of the episode. Looking forward to season three, and hoping they don't bring HG back as a recurring character. I feel like that would just cheapen everything that's happened. :(