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I feel like my life for the last few months can be summed up as follows:

1. School started out stressful as fuck before my give-a-damn abruptly imploded, leaving me free to ascend to a higher plane of existence (is this Senioritis? will I return to epic levels of Sheer Panic when I have to write a 15/20-page paper for my grad seminar? WHO KNOWS~)

2. U.S. politics are dominating my life and everything is horrifying and I am living off John Oliver and Trevor Noah monologues because I really need the reminder that there are sane people in the world (vote, vote, vote vote vote vote vote vote vote--)

3. I somehow acquired another boyfriend because I have apparently become the type of person who meets guys at con raves so, uh.....this is a thing that's happening (2 months and counting and yeah, go ahead and insert, like, a bunch of heart eye emojis because I am Gone)

I think that pretty much covers it!

Oh, and I went to Italy over the summer (and got stuck there!). That was pretty awesome. 8D
mildmaythecat: (productivity) start school back up. My books have not arrived. (Panic level: Neutral but increasing.) My Japanese setup looks nerve-wrackingly complicated. (Panic level: Neutral; awaiting further information.) I have not gone to bed before 1 in the morning in over a month, nor have I gotten out of bed (barring morning work shifts) before noon. Tomorrow I shall be dragging myself out of bed to face three hours of math before seven in the morning. (Panic level: Increasing, increasing...)

I Am Not Prepared.

So. For those of you also returning to your respective academic cages, tips for getting back into the swing of things with minimal suffering for all involved? Or just commiseration, I'll accept that as well. x''D
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I have managed to get the flu at the most inopportune of times. Have called off work three days in a row and jury's out on whether I'll be able to drag my ass in tomorrow. I'm a wreck. And I can't stop coughing. ;~~;

This has resulted in me being pretty damn behind on schoolwork. And 8,000+ words behind on my NaNo novel. Neither of which I have any energy whatsoever to remedy. *headdesk*

Also the Doctor Who 50th was disappointing. So, you know, if you want to join the Wet Blanket tent I have erected, feel free.

Any flu remedies or updates on your lives would be loved. x)
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Biology is making me want to jump off a bridge. SO. Favorite and least favorite classes you've ever taken, go.

Naruto 622

Mar. 1st, 2013 04:38 pm
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I am...actually really hopeful for this flashback arc. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a very tentative hope, but considering how long it's been since I had even that concerning this series...

Madara and Hashirama aren't the Naruto-and-Sasuke/Obito-and-Kakashi/Jiraiya-and-Orochimaru/etc. copies we've seen over and over again, which is a happy surprise. Hashirama's got this strange bipolar thing going on, and conflicting senses of idealism and cynicism that make him really interesting to watch. Madara's a snappy, arrogant little punk and sometimes you can almost see shades of what he ends up becoming.

We get to see that these kids have both experienced horrible losses and are capable of discussing them with a shrug and a "people die". That says a lot about the world they've grown up in, and it gives them both motivation that actually makes sense. Which we've all learned not to take for granted. >_>

I have to hand it to Kishimoto for creating surprisingly well-rounded characters in the space of just a few chapters, especially since they're not just rehashing the dynamics of similar pairs we've seen already. And also for creating a pre-Konoha world that actually feels different, more harsh and chaotic, than what we've seen. And also for giving us Tobirama, whom I sort of love already.

Who knows, maybe he'll ruin all of this next chapter. But dammit, I am going to hold out hope for as long as I can! Just please, please Kishimoto, don't make Mito the token girl-with-no-character-she-just-serves-as-a-plot-device-for-the-dudes in this equation, because that one got old a reeeeeally long time ago.

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My novel is currently sitting pretty at nearly 22,000 words. And by pretty of course I mean it's a mess of run-on sentences and pointless filler and the barest semblance of "plot" cobbled together in week two, but hey--it's all about the word count for now, right?

Fellow NaNoers, how goes it? What havoc has this project wreaked on your life so far?
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I actually can't tell if I've been productive so far this summer or not. I've done a handful of "important" things (doing a Japanese course, putting in my two weeks at my crappy job and getting an interview for a new one) but most of the time it feels like I've just been lying around. A lot of that lying around has been spent watching Doctor Who, though, so that's okay. xD

How about you guys? Done anything fun thus far this summer? Any big plans on the horizon? :3
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It was always Dopey for me. Grumpy's catching up though...
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Work. My prospects of finishing my schoolwork. The fact that Freddie Fish is apparently a girl and my whole childhood therefore feels like a lie.

Naruto 577

Mar. 8th, 2012 04:56 pm
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Holy crap on a stick, did they just kill off Tsunade?!! O____O I the only one kinda underwhelmed with Madara as a whole? (Assuming this zombie is the one and only him, that is.) It just feels like the same old "THERE IS NO LOVE THERE IS ONLY HATRED AND GLOOM" message every other villain in every other manga series ever has spouted. I don't know, I guess with all the buildup I was expecting a little more from our Big Bad. (But then, we complain when the villains have tragic backstories as motivation, so maybe I'm just unpleasable.)

Sooo...all the zombies have to stick around even if Kabutomaru goes, huh? If Kishimoto manages to bring back every single character he's ever killed using this, I am going to laugh and laugh because hello, epic troll.

Noooo, Itachi, let Sasuke follow so you can have your damn heart to heart!

I love that he says "geez" with that annoyed look on his, "this homework is such a pain, geez." xD

So...thoughts? Questions? Vital updates? (Because Tumblr has eaten my soul. =.=;;;)
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Think I got a dollar for the first and last ones; the rest were worth a quarter. Quarters were shinier, so I actually liked them better. xD
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-That just getting it over with is the best step.
-That procrastination leads to Bad Things.
-That I will always, always go over the word limit (but then I knew that already, sigh).

Naruto 567

Dec. 14th, 2011 11:11 am
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An exciting first two pages, just reminding us that Sasuke is still a part of the equation. Erm, we aren't the ones who forgot that, Kishi. Is this going to become a trend? One Sasuke appearance every ten chapters or so. Maybe Kishimoto's trying to atone for basically making Shippuden an Uchihafest of epic proportions (not that I minded that, of course).

Holy crap on a stick, Suigetsu and Kabuto? They still exist? did they...and, um, are they seriously prioritizing keeping Sasuke sexually frustrated? Did I misread that? *is hopeful*

"That's my Kakashi, sharp as always!" They finally got married, I see...

Ah, so that weird thing was the Five Tails. Good to know. And the biju can communicate with each other telepathically, fun!

So the Kyuubi's grown fond of Naruto, hmm? I wish I could react with something other than "holy shiz Kishi really is turning to fanfiction for ideas", but alas. xD

In conclusion, can we have a moment of celebration for the return of Naruto's jumpsuit on his original body? Hallelujah~!

Sooo...thoughts, theories, y'all know the drill. And on a somewhat related note, those involved with the b_n Secret Santa is that going? really, i'm just panicking like whoa and seeking others who are in the same boat. luckily, i'm sick and should therefore be able to devote plenty of time to the fic now. gawd, i'm terrible.

Naruto 566

Dec. 8th, 2011 04:54 pm
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First, a question. And I probably should have brought this up before, but it's only really sinking in now, what with the ink attacks and all.

The Hachibi is the Eight-Tailed Ox, so...why all the octopus tails?


That aside, this chapter was pretty solid. Remember last week when I said this? This could be interesting...unless all the undead jinchuriki also retained the power to transform completely, in which case this is going to be a curb-stomp battle of the highest degree. Yeeeah. Guess what just happened. Our heroes are doomed, aren't they? xD;;

So, um...Flower Fruit Mountain. a) How do those things go together, b) how do they relate to an ox or an octopus, and c) how did that help?? And then there's that big white horned...thing...that appears out of nowhere, injures the Eight-Tails and then vanishes with zero explanation. Did I miss something or is Kishimoto just trolling us again?

Not sure how Not-Madara was going to win by checking Naruto's temperature, but who cares, because GUY AND KAKASHI ARE BACK. *parties* It's about time! Ooh, I can't wait to see these two teamed up...

Thoughts? Theories? Questions that haven't been answered for the past hundred chapters (and probably won't be for another hundred)? I've forgotten all of mine. xD
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So, over the years I've come to the realization that people hate Nickelback. I'm not talking, like, "Meh, change the station, I don't like their music." No. I'm talking utter loathing of the sort normally reserved for Disney kids and Justin Bieber.

Question: Why is that? Okay, so some of their songs sound the same. One or two are sort of anvilicious. But...I don't know, I think their music is generally pretty solid. They're a ton of fun to blast in the car and sing along to.

So...thoughts? Why do you think people hate Nickelback, and if you're one of the aforementioned people, why do you hate them? *curious*

Naruto 565

Dec. 1st, 2011 02:43 pm
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Not too much to say...Naruto's still sounding more like his old self, which is nice. Bee is still pretty awesome, which is also nice.

Bee is apparently something of a perv, but it's shonen manga, so what do we expect? I think Kishimoto just realized that his readership has grown up quite a bit since 1999, so we get some impressively blatant Yugito fanservice. (They try to justify it later by Bee saying he saw the chakra receivers in her chest, but I went back and checked and you can't see jack. Nice try Kishi.)

Aaand the Eight-Tails makes an appearance! This could be interesting...unless all the undead jinchuriki also retained the power to transform completely, in which case this is going to be a curb-stomp battle of the highest degree. Then again, I feel like it was said only Bee and, like, Yagura were able to do that, so...?

Gah, I'm going in circles. And procrastinating so hard on a paper that's gonna make or break my grade, so...better get back to that. xD;; Alternatively, you could help me slack off by putting forth theories, thoughts etc. in the comments below~!

Naruto 564

Nov. 23rd, 2011 02:55 pm
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Okay. I am very cautiously excited for the next chapter.

Because this one was actually kinda awesome.

So, yeah, Naruto very ineffectually headbutts the Big Bad (which I'm just gonna use as Tobi's moniker until we know better, because obviously this is all very confusing namewise). But remember when we were all kind of excited because aforementioned BB was carting all the dead jinchuriki around and it looked like the inevitable fight would be pretty cool?

Well, here we are, and it's pretty cool. Even though Utakata's "attack" reminds me a little too much of those bubblegum-looking attacks the In-Training Digimon used in the first episode ("Bubble Boom"? Really?). It was nice seeing Yugito again too, kicking butt and taking names once more even if it's, yanno, for the sake of the wrong side. Huzzah for GMS!Naruto actually having a hard time and delivering Speech no Jutsu again--he almost seems like his old self. Crossing my fingers for some more of that!

"I'm no one. I don't want to be anyone. All I care about is completing the Moon's Eye Plan."
^Ooh, I liked that for some inexplicable reason. It's the first time I've actually been interested in this guy as a villain in a long time (as in, before he announced his plan to take over the world using the moon, 'cause...yeah).

Of course, the Wild Mass Guessing over his identity shall continue. I dunno, guys, I'm just not buying that he's actually "another Madara". Sure, he didn't react well to Kabutomaru taking Madara's body out of the box, but I read that as him being pissed that his cover was blown. Whoever this guy is, it's looking more like he used the Uchiha Madara name to get credibility, spread fear, yadda yadda and start the war, and now that it's going he doesn't care anymore. But that's just my opinion. *shrugs*

So...thoughts? Theories, especially those concerning Big Bad/Tobi/Other Madara/etc.'s true identity? I'm really curious as to what y'all think about that...

OH. Almost forgot. As far as we know Itachi went off to stop Kabutomaru, right? So...where the heck is he?

OH. One other thing. As of right now, Naruto is exactly 500 chapters ahead of Kuroshitsuji. That's...weird. xD


Nov. 7th, 2011 06:36 pm
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Within the space of a few days I have discovered:


-An LJ community dedicated solely to 10K+ and 20K+ word Destiel fics (oh, did I mention I went down with this ship months ago? I'm sure you're all shocked.)



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Well, it's better than complaining about work or doing coursework like I'm supposed to be doing, so there you go.
spoilers thru 5x17 )
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Not much to say about this one...erm...well, the endless string of fights coninues, but Gaara's involved this time which automatically ratchets up the awesomeness level. I can't help but think, though, that if a Kage can no longer use his techniques without throwing his back out (...), he should be voted out of office. Call me crazy. Finally..."Jokey Boy"? What???

I've forgotten which Kuroshitsuji chapter we're on now. I read it awhile ago, so all I really remember is that awesome scene with Sebastian and Ciel reaching dramatically for one another...right before Sebby gets skewered with the Undertaker's (EPIC) Death Scythe. Oh dear. How's he going to get out of this one, I wonder? Will we get to see more of his past in the Cinematc Record?! *bites nails with glee*

So, watched two vastly different but pretty cool movies in the last couple days. One being Edward Scissorhands, which I've wanted to watch for years. Tim Burton is awesome (Corpse Bride = among my favorite animated movies evah) and Johnny Depp is awesome, thus anything they collaborate on is doubly awesome. And Edward is SO FLIPPING CUTE in this movie. With those snippety hands and that sweet little smile and the way he just randomly starts snipping that dog's fur...gah. I fell in love. Suburbia is vaguely disturbing, and the whole thing has a bizarre fairytale-ish feel to it. I enjoyed it.

And then there is Newsies. Okay. Bit o' backstory here. In the early 90's, apparently someone thought it would be a good idea to make a live-action Disney musical out of...wait for 1899 newsboy strike. That's right. So between the subject matter and the decidedly...not-Disney feel of the movie (one main character smokes and cusses and the other almost gets decked by a guy wearing brass knuckles), it bombed. And as with most movies the general public disliked, I kinda loved it. The music and choreography are fantastic. I loved listening to all the over-the-top New Yawk accents. And the two leads (one of whom went on to become Batman) are just too slashable for their own good. It was a fun movie. xD

...I'm gonna have to make a habit out of these movie rec posts. There are too many good ones that never get any love. Like the Black Cauldron. Ooh, I definitely need to pimp that...xD
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