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And in this year's edition of Em's Mortifying Movie Preferences (this shit always seems to happen around Christmas): A Princess for Christmas, or Christmas At Castlebury Hall depending on which release you're watching. It's a 90-minute cheesefest with an extra side helping of cornball, as well as a dash of iffy-to-awful acting (particularly in the beginning).

But it has Katie McGrath in it, so naturally I loved the damn thing.

I am of course a cheeseball and a hopeless romantic and okay, fine, there's a few Hallmark movies that don't make me giggle helplessly at how terrible they are (see: Help For the Holidays because FRICKING SUMMER GLAU AS AN ELF IT'S TOO CUTE TO BE ALLOWED), so there are legitimate reasons why I might not dislike this movie. But let's face it, it all boils down to the same damn reasons I didn't laugh my ass off all the way through Thomas Kincaid's freaking Christmas Cottage--a gorgeous actor parading around in various scarves and knit caps and, in this case, a gorgeous sparkly dress. Oh, Katie, gorgeous, talented, beautiful Katie, I remain unsure as to whether I want to kiss you or be you. Ugh.
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Despite basically growing up watching this movie, I still sobbed hysterically. Goddammit. Somebody hold me. ;~;
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It was always Dopey for me. Grumpy's catching up though...


Feb. 5th, 2012 09:54 pm
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Also (completely unrelated), Ten Inch Hero is a surprisingly awesome movie. Being a very shallow person, I got it solely for Jensen Ackles. And I did love Priestly with every fiber of my being (the tampon scene, dear god in heaven the tampon scene, I died laughing), and I did want to steal every single one of his T-shirts, and yeah.
But I ended up loving everyone else just as well. Piper, Trucker, Jen (oh, you sweet baby, you are friggin' beautiful), Tish...and the message was pretty fantastic. I laughed myself stupid. And I cried, because I am a baby. Mostly I just smiled this huge, doofy smile. It's a really fantastic feel-good movie; Netflix has it on instant if y'all want to check it out.

Mini movie review over. This is what I am doing instead of watching the Superbowl. *fistpump* Anyone else not watching the game? xD
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So I saw Daybreakers, aka the most hilariously gratuitously bloody vampire movie since Lost Boys. It was glorious. There were scenes where you just couldn't do anything but giggle in a slightly hysterical manner. That aside, it was surprisingly well done. There was actually a plot, the atmosphere was nice, and all the creative little ways that the vamps had adjusted society to suit them (the tinted car windows, blood in the coffee) were interesting.

Mini movie review aside, here's something to think about. You know you've been reading way too much fanfiction in one fandom when traces of that fandom begin to bleed into everything you try to write. I made the mistake of starting an angel!Itachi oneshot months ago and keep feeling like I'm ripping off the SPN mythology. Not to mention my feeling that if I swap out the names, it reads a little too well as a Dean/Cas fic. Even ItaShi can't escape the taint. *sigh*

I'm blathering. How is everybody? Anything random to share?
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...Heather, can you tell I'm just trolling your journal these days? xD;

Fandom Meme 2011!

read on~ )

In other news, finally saw Season of the Witch. It was interesting. Nathan (Misfits) was in it. I liked it well enough, even though we were correct in guessing that it was an "everybody dies" kind of movie. ^^; Except due to awesome fanvideos and the like, every now and again I couldn't help looking at the witch and thinking "Rubyyyy." xD
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So I watched Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. Which was awesome. I think I'm a little bit in love with Neil Patrick Harris now; he's so freaking cute in this movie. The music was surprisingly awesome. The whole thing was so funny and cute and awesome...and then that ending happened. Goddammit, I should've seen it coming as soon as Joss Whedon's name popped up. Ah well; great movie anyways.

i need someone to do the "On The Rise" duet with me now, gah

In other news...New Year's Eve, y'all! Anyone making resolutions? Any parties or other plans? I'm working, shock shock. xD
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ElfQuest comic books. Signed ElfQuest comic books.

Hell yes, I'm a geek.

In other news, went to see the second Sherlock Holmes today. I'd heard rumors that it was even more slashtastic than the first one, but it didn't seem possible. was possible. xD Everyone have a good Christmas? ♥
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So I just watched Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage. Yes, you may laugh at me.

At first it was just for the indescribable adorableness that is Jared Padalecki in a wardrobe consisting entirely of wooly hats and knit scarves (why yes, I am shallow), but it turned out to be a much better movie than I was expecting. It's the kind of movie that kinda feels like a 1.5-hour-long Christmas card straight out of Hallmark, but it makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside that you don't even care.

Although I gotta say, if anyone else had been playing the lead role, I don't know that I would've been able to buy it. Jared gets to use the Puppy Eyes of Doom to brilliant effect here. And I ended up spending the last fifteen minutes or so embarrassingly teary-eyed. Damn adorable man and his damn awesome acting.

So. My mortifying movie preferences aside, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, y'all! Everyone finished their shopping and/or fics? Any super special awesome plans? Spill~
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Dragonheart (Dracooooo ;~;). Titanic (all those people, culminating with Jack). Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (Frodooooo ;~;).
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Mm, tough question...I pretty much love them all, but my absolute favorites would have to be The Black Cauldron, Treasure Planet and Mulan. TBC because it's delightfully dark for a Disney movie (blood, talk of actual death, a friggin' ZOMBIE ARMY) and has probably the single scariest villain in animated history (hi thar, Horned King, you still terrify me). Treasure Planet because Jim is an adorably realistic character, everything's beautiful/cool to look at, the bond between Jim and Silver turns me to mush every time and the music is awesome. Mulan because...well, it's friggin' Mulan. Great music, awesome characters, kickass heroine, pretty to look at, funny...everything that makes Disney epic. :D

Talk to me guys! Favorite Disney movies? Or just favorite animated movies in general? (I could go on for days about that...xD)
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Not much to say about this one...erm...well, the endless string of fights coninues, but Gaara's involved this time which automatically ratchets up the awesomeness level. I can't help but think, though, that if a Kage can no longer use his techniques without throwing his back out (...), he should be voted out of office. Call me crazy. Finally..."Jokey Boy"? What???

I've forgotten which Kuroshitsuji chapter we're on now. I read it awhile ago, so all I really remember is that awesome scene with Sebastian and Ciel reaching dramatically for one another...right before Sebby gets skewered with the Undertaker's (EPIC) Death Scythe. Oh dear. How's he going to get out of this one, I wonder? Will we get to see more of his past in the Cinematc Record?! *bites nails with glee*

So, watched two vastly different but pretty cool movies in the last couple days. One being Edward Scissorhands, which I've wanted to watch for years. Tim Burton is awesome (Corpse Bride = among my favorite animated movies evah) and Johnny Depp is awesome, thus anything they collaborate on is doubly awesome. And Edward is SO FLIPPING CUTE in this movie. With those snippety hands and that sweet little smile and the way he just randomly starts snipping that dog's fur...gah. I fell in love. Suburbia is vaguely disturbing, and the whole thing has a bizarre fairytale-ish feel to it. I enjoyed it.

And then there is Newsies. Okay. Bit o' backstory here. In the early 90's, apparently someone thought it would be a good idea to make a live-action Disney musical out of...wait for 1899 newsboy strike. That's right. So between the subject matter and the decidedly...not-Disney feel of the movie (one main character smokes and cusses and the other almost gets decked by a guy wearing brass knuckles), it bombed. And as with most movies the general public disliked, I kinda loved it. The music and choreography are fantastic. I loved listening to all the over-the-top New Yawk accents. And the two leads (one of whom went on to become Batman) are just too slashable for their own good. It was a fun movie. xD

...I'm gonna have to make a habit out of these movie rec posts. There are too many good ones that never get any love. Like the Black Cauldron. Ooh, I definitely need to pimp that...xD
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Warehouse 13. So they brought H.G. back. Not a big surprise, considering. At the end of the last season I insisted I didn't want her brought back, despite being my favorite character on the show; something about cheapening all the events of that last episode, yadda yadda.

But hey--if the producers don't care about all that, then neither do I. xD Okay, so it looks like this'll be a one-episode thing (for now...), but I still loved having Helena back. In all her brilliant, butt-kicking, UST-with-Myka-ing glory. So fun. All you really need is one awesome character to stay interested in a show. With Justifed it was Boyd Crowder, with Sanctuary it was Nikola Tesla, with W13 it's H.G. Wells. I'm noticing a theme here...

On a totally unrelated topic, has anyone on my flist ever seen The Prince of Egypt? I hadn't watched it in the better part of a decade and therefore had totally forgotten how good it was. And by good I mean epic in every sense of the word. Beautiful animation, terrific storyline, amazing music, etc. etc. And the parting of the Red Sea scene is possibly the coolest sequence of animation you will ever see. The movie basically leaves you with a broken heart and at least one song stuck in your head that you won't be able to get out for ages. Seriously. Just hope it's one of the happier ones, lest you walk around feeling vaguely upset for days on end.

In case you were wondering, this is what happens when a keyboard is before me while I am exhausted. Should go sleep. Will probably end up listening to music until 2 in the morning instead. Happy Sunday, y'all.
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Was I the only one feeling seriously excited about the new Winnie the Pooh movie? Not only is it Pooh's first new movie in traditional animation in the better part of a decade, but they used a Keane song for the trailer for maximum heartstring harp potential. Anyway, I just saw it and it was so cute and funny and for one glorious hour I was a little kid again.

You're never really too old for Winnie the Pooh, are you? ♥
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