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Shisui will be coming in (guess who as xD) if that makes any difference...

did someone say Uchihas as Team Free Will? )

So...maybe? I live in hope that if I pretend people are interested it might actually motivate me to finish something >.>;;
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I'm bound and determined to continue my tradition of randomly forcing Christmasfic (likely ItaShi) on anyone willing, so if anyone has a prompt or a suggestion they'd like to share I'm hunting for inspiration. Thanks in advance lovelies~
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Stolen from the lovely hiza_chan, as per usual:

1. Go to page 77 (or 7, or just hit pagedown 7 times,) of your current manuscript/WIP.
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written.

excerpt from the itashi itachi-is-a-fallen-angel fic that may or may not be a destiel fic in disguise: )

...I have about twenty things labelled unfinished but at this rate they're never gonna go anywhere. I seem to have lost all drive for writing these days. Dammit. If y'all want to throw prompts at me I'm all ears. ;~~;
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So I saw Daybreakers, aka the most hilariously gratuitously bloody vampire movie since Lost Boys. It was glorious. There were scenes where you just couldn't do anything but giggle in a slightly hysterical manner. That aside, it was surprisingly well done. There was actually a plot, the atmosphere was nice, and all the creative little ways that the vamps had adjusted society to suit them (the tinted car windows, blood in the coffee) were interesting.

Mini movie review aside, here's something to think about. You know you've been reading way too much fanfiction in one fandom when traces of that fandom begin to bleed into everything you try to write. I made the mistake of starting an angel!Itachi oneshot months ago and keep feeling like I'm ripping off the SPN mythology. Not to mention my feeling that if I swap out the names, it reads a little too well as a Dean/Cas fic. Even ItaShi can't escape the taint. *sigh*

I'm blathering. How is everybody? Anything random to share?


Sep. 3rd, 2011 01:37 am
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So I finally made it to season 4 of Supernatural and am consistently impressed with how much torture the writers inflict on these poor boys. I mean, I knew the show was partly famous for that alone, but...yeesh. They are in need of so many hugs.

Anyway, Cas, you finally joined the party. Am I correct in guessing that there is a truckload of extra Ho Yay coming our way now, or does the seemingly endless supply of Dean/Cas fanfiction lie? XD

This entry really doesn't have much resembling a point. Sorry for taking up flist space with it. xD; Oh, and NO SPOILERS PLZ. ♥

Oh! I did take a leaf out of ronsard's book and tried typing 'シスイ' into the search engine; amazing how much more Shisui/ItaShi fanart comes back when you use the Japanese spelling. Go figure. Anyway, there'll be a minor artdump post over on b_n thanks to that. ^^

Have a great weekend~
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Cripes. Said it before and I shall say it again--best. fandom. evah. I've been admiring the ItaShi spam all day long and oh, it is awesome. We all rock, agreed? ♥

Happy Birthday, bitter_nakano~

Naruto 538

May. 12th, 2011 12:53 pm
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Longest conversation with the Kyuubi ever, methinks? And is it just me or has he become less threatening as the series has progressed? Maybe that's the point...?_?

Aww, Academy there is a point to those finger signs after all. Young!Shino was hilarious. "Seriously, stop nitpicking." xD I do love seeing everyone as kids. Even if Sasuke didn't look much different from his present self this time. :\

So Naruto's still feeling in denial confident, then. He definitely grabbed a few cool points during this chapter, although I'm more interested in seeing a) what happens when he actually reaches Konoha, and b) what Madara and his giant multi-eyeballed buddy are up to. *has given up on seeing Sasuke/Sakura/Karin/Sai/pretty much anyone else for a hundred chapters or so*

Thoughts? :3

Also, tomorrow is bitter_nakano's birthday!!! There will be extremely last-minute fic coming your way! xDD Who else is planning to celebrate?


Sep. 17th, 2010 05:40 pm
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So, I'm making a sockpuppet ffnet account to collect all of the Itachi/Shisui awesomeness I can find over there. Said account will, naturally, have a C2 Community. Does anybody care if I name said community Bitter Nakano?
EDIT: Sockpuppet account active under the appropriate name of The ItaShi Sockpuppet. xD Am off to work on setting up community. If any of you have ffnet accounts, post your exchange fics so I can add them? Please? *hopeful*
EDIT 2: Srsly. I am begging you people. If you wrote a fic for the exchange, if you have a fic on b_n's rec list, if you write Itachi/Shisui in any way, shape or form, please post it on ff if you can. I've got *checks* 74 stories in the C2. We can bring it to 100. WE CAN DO IIIIT~
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So, I just figured this out. You tell me if it was obvious or not...
Narutopedia says this: 'The Mangekyō Sharingan is acquired through the death of the person closest to the Sharingan user.' Right. And who did Itachi kill for the Mangekyo? Shisui. Right.
Let me get this straight. Itachi loved Sasuke more than Konoha. But he loved Shisui more than Sasuke? Otherwise, wouldn't he have had to kill Sasuke?
The final nail in the coffin, IMHO, is Madara's (in?)famous "lover" statement. He used the word 'koibito', which is gender-neutral. And if Itachi cared for anyone more than his little brother, wouldn't you think it'd be his lover?
Bottom line: ItaShi is CANON, baby. Have I overlooked something relevant or is this a valid conclusion?
-End procrastination. (Srsly, though, the whole Mangekyo thing is important research for my Exchange piece!...No, really!...)-
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So we're about one third of the way through the Exchange. Ah, how time flies. I think I might have to reboot my piece, actually. *sigh* Better now than right before the deadline, I suppose.


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