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'Cause, yanno, I just caught up with everything. Spoilers ahead. Lots of rambling, which (in all likelihood) nobody will read.

Kuroshitsuji II--Okay, wow. I mean, wow. I am sincerely glad that I am not one of the fandom who watches the anime instead of the manga. Because if I had nothing to fall back on after that ending, I think I'd be rather crushed. I mean, I knew what was going to happen (this is what happens when I wait too long to watch the new episode..), but still. Alois's death left me feeling less miserable than I thought it would. Don't get me wrong, I love the kid (sociopathic tendencies and all), but at least he was happy in the end. Couldn't care less about Hannah. I thought I hated Claude, but I was actually a little bit sad when he bit it. Alois's scream at that point just plain hurt. Seeing Alois in general hurt, but it was nice that he was around for a little longer.
AND CIEL. OMG. Demon!Ciel is a twist I never saw coming. The ending of the the time Kalafina started playing and Sebastian was handing out Ciel's death notices, I felt like my insides were being clawed out. I felt bad for everybody! Stab us in the heart and then TWIST the knife with 'Kagayaku Sora no Shijima Ni wa', for crying out loud. And man, does it suck to be Sebastian. xDD Their whole dynamic has changed less than I thought it would, given everything. And the idea of Sebastian being Ciel's butler for all eternity...grim and romantic and creepy, all at once. Perfect choice of last line. Ultimately, I don't think things could have ended any better-which makes me verrry curious to see what Yana Toboso will do with the manga.

Speaking of which, new Kuro chapter. Yay. Loved the intro page (demonic!Sebby and littledevil!Ciel FTW), and the way the after-chapter color page worked with Alois's from the last chapter. On the subject of the chap itself, I liked seeing how everything fell together. A little bit of demon Sebastian never hurts anything. And srsly, has Ciel been flirting with the Wordsmith since he entered the manor or what? xD I'm interested to see what the next story arc will bring...

New Naruto chapter. Canon KonanxYahiko? LE GASP! Actual canon-y evidence of a het pairing! Something we haven't seen since Asuma and Kurenai, yes? (Unless you count Konan and Nagato, which..I guess I don't.)
Madara's new mask. Excuse me while I LOL forever. That is so bad. I'm kinda glad he got the battle fan back, though. And what was with "They were mine to begin with"? Please tell me Madara isn't actually the Sage or something; my respect for this series will plummet drastically if that is the case. -.-; So where is Sasuke during all this, anyway? Just lying in bed somewhere, wearing a blindfold and cackling maniacally to himself?

And Hetalia. Yes, I finally gave in. Haven't watched the anime yet, but there is apparently a manga now (volume one is out, anyway). I loved it. Italy is so *cute*. Holy Rome and Chibi Italy are so *cute*. America and England at the end of the Revolutionary War is pretty sad, actually...and *cute*. OMR. I am so following this series now. xD

*end rambling that nobody will actually read*


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