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I'm referring, of course, to Star Wars.

I just had a friend over who only recently binge-watched the original trilogy and had somehow managed to get through the last few months without getting spoiled for The Force Awakens. So we watched TFA and I got to witness her flailing and shrieking and gasping over the Ben Solo reveal (the minutes leading up to Han's death consisted of repeated mutterings of "No, no, no, don't you dare--"). It was pretty fun, and since we were on a Star Wars high we decided to start on the prequel movies, which she also hadn't seen. Cue The Phantom Menace.

Now, you have to understand something here. I grew up with six Star Wars movies. I grew up watching both the original trilogy and the prequels (originals first, of course--some things are sacred); the only one I actually remember coming out is Revenge of the Sith, and even then I was too young to really care about seeing it in theaters. There was never a divide for me between the "original" and the "new" movies. Star Wars was Star Wars.

And yeah, I've spent a fair amount of time since then reading meta on how terrible the prequels are on almost every level. And I could accept a lot of those arguments from memory alone (you ave to admit that the romance writing is unforgettably bad). But they remained fixed in my mind as decent movies--flawed, definitely, but enjoyable.

And then I rewatched TPM tonight, for the first time in years.

Hoo boy.

how could this happen to meee )
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Because everybody is about twelve (which isn't bad when you're also twelve, but when you're a tad older...well). And because half of the inhabitants are pretentious, arrogant little shits who get off on telling people about the problems with their work and like to pretend they're the mature ones.

I suppose it could make for an interesting study. I've been off the site for awhile, and apparently in my absence the old flaming communities have been replaced with militant rule-enforcers (because ffnet likes to pretend it's upholding something resembling quality). Thus I have gotten four reviews on the story I crossposted to ffnet, and three of them have been berating and/or reporting me for breaking the site's 'no chatroom format' rule.

...Really? Do people actually care enough about this shit to bother? It's starting to irk me even though I know it's stupid. :|

TL;DR: How does one go about getting an AO3 account, if I decide any of my stuff's good enough to bother with?

Naruto 603

Sep. 28th, 2012 12:03 am
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I...don't understand.

I don't understand why the tragic backstory of our sweet-Obito-turned-Big-Bad is being dedicated to conversations about pooping.

I don't understand how this emphasizes the tragedy. Or how it pertains to his story. Or hell, how it does anything but further destroy our ability to take Mr. Moon's Eye Plan seriously.

I also don't understand why Zetsu and...whatever the hell Tobi's Mask guy (another Zetsu?) are being so buddy-buddy with Obito. Zetsu's never really acted like this before that I can recall.

I still don't understand how the multiple Zetsus that can apparently be molded onto living bodies (see: Obito) thing works. Or how Obito ended up underground to begin with.

Or, I dunno, what the hell Madara was doing there/how he survived this long/why his zombie body is so much younger than his current one.


Thoughts? Is there a deep meaning to all of this that's going straight over my head?
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Reblog all you like on tumblr, but do not repost anything or they will tear you to shreds.

*sigh* In other news...happy birthday Jensen Ackles. How have y'all been? I've been, erm, kinda absent lately. ^^;

Naruto 562

Nov. 2nd, 2011 08:22 pm
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*sigh* And here we go again. How are they managing to make this fight--this fight against friggin' Uchiha Madara--so dull? (Incidentally, I'm looking at my shiny new SPN icons and all I can hear right now is "Although for fans, they sure do complain a lot." We do, don't we? xD)

Question: Exactly how long can people live in this universe?! I knew the Tsuchikage was old (as they continue to remind us thrice per chapter), but to have fought against non-zombie!Madara way back when? And what's this "I've lived a lot longer than you" spiel? You're "much" older than the man we were told was immortal to keep us from crying foul? I'm just praying there isn't a sudden influx of Tsuchikage/Hashirama fic coming our way after that scene...

Gaara is awesome, enough said.

So after some unnecessary sword-elongating conversation, we are given this gem of political strategy. Whatshername in the Raikage's entourage tells Tsunade that the technique she's using to get to Madara will pretty much certainly kill her. This warning is completely blown off. In fact, the Raikage decides to join her in her probable suicide two seconds later.

...Okay. Two out of five leaders of the ninja world make a decision that will likely kill them in the middle of a world war. It's handwaved with the "it's time for the general to step out" comment, but still--doesn't that seem a tiny bit rash to you? Is it really just me? What kills me is that when all is said and done they're both fine. Admittedly Tsunade has to use her regeneration technique, but how'd the Raikage manage when it was just said that he couldn't?

Right. So on the upside, Five Kages vs. zombie!Madara should be a pretty epic fight. Skeptical emphasis on "should" because I've said similar things in the past only to have the situation in question turn out kinda lame. Fingers crossed. And hey, no GMS!Naruto for what, two whole chapters? Maybe he and Madara agreed to take turns playing Cast Showoff.


OH. And a random little thing for the SPN fans on my flist; I thought this was hilarious:
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cut for spoilers but mostly for stuff nobody wants to read )

Ramblings aside, how is everybody? Any plans for Halloween? (I was sick as a dog yesterday and spent the whole day writing this 6.6K-word horror story about a vampire romance gone wrong...or something. xD;)
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You know what, I'm not even annoyed anymore. (Mostly.) I'm actually amused. This is harmless WFTery, as opposed to the borderline infuriating WTFery that keeps popping up whenever Naruto himself is in the picture.

But really, even Gaara's awesomeness (and it is substantial) couldn't save this ultimately pointless-seeming battle. What was the importance of it? What new thing did we learn? Did the last handful of chapters move anything forward at all? Come on, Kishi, you were doing so well! Zombies showed up and the plot sped up for a little while. Itachi rejoined the good guys and things were practically going at Warp Speed. But now things seem to be crawling along. Even endless back-to-back battles can have their place if they mean something to plot progression, but when you can remove all involved chapters without really losing anything...THERE WAS NO POINT TO IT.

*sigh* So the little kid...blob...oil....water.....thingy......? What was that about? Did it make sense and I just missed the sense? Between that and the sudden, inexplicable pyramid (why?) I started to wonder if I hadn't accidentally wandered into a Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo scan. That is when you know things are messed up. And does anyone remember Gaara getting gold dust from his father? Clearly, I need to start taking notes...

Good for you, Gaara. You're a Golden Egg, whatever the hell that means. At least Gary Stu Naruto didn't have to come and save you too. Although, given a few more minutes, who knows?

*exhales* Am I being too harsh? What are your thoughts on the latest chapter?

P.S. That bizarre 'Jokey Boy' thing was never explained. What a surprise.

Naruto 553

Aug. 31st, 2011 10:24 am
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So this is me throughout the chapter:

Rasengan Planet? What?

Spiritual limbs (that I can only assume belong to the Kyuubi) coming out of Naruto's stomach and hand? What? When did he learn to do that??

Yet another something-related-to-the-Rasengan attack we've never seen before? What? (Two of those in one chapter is bizarre even for you, Kishi.)

That guy they just took out is telling them to take precautions? What? Is that going to be explained?

Yay, we get about two panels showing Naruto as his goofy self again. Then it's back to the pattern.

" were going to the battlefield to identify all the spirits of our opponents..." Wait, what? Can anyone explain this to me?

"Apart from me, there aren't any other wind users..." What? Are you serious? Is having wind as your elemental attribute that rare, that only two people in this five-ninja-village alliance have it?

Aaaand Naruto...what? Self-destructs? What?

Aaaand GOOD GOD FINALLY. Cripes, Sasuke, I was beginning to think Kishimoto forgot about you! Now you can go back to being the unreasonable, slightly unhinged little maniac we all know and love.

*sigh* Thoughts, anyone?


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